A Few Basic Make Up Tips

They give make up professionals the title “makeup artists” for a good reason. Putting on make up to the full and best effect is indeed an art. There’s a real gift to enhancing beauty in a way and style that’s complimentary to someone’s face.

That’s why film stars and supermodels have make up artists attending to their every make up need. It’s also why us mere mortals often need a few beauty make up tips to help us out.

We’re Not All Artists

And as with most arts, few people are actually gifted when it comes to make up.

Some women, maybe even most women, are not good at it.

True, they may do their best to look beautiful. But they’re not going to achieve the standards of make up they see in magazines, on television and in movies.

Immaculate eye lashes, perfect lips and wonderful skin are just out of reach for most. Unless, of course, they go for a professional makeover.

But if they follow a few basic make up tips, many women can get closer to the level they desire.

Maybe they still won’t be ready for a job attending to the beauty needs of the top stars and models. But they can ensure they have “dressed to impress” makeup wherever they go.

Basic Make Up Tips

A Few Basic Makeup Tips

So with that in mind, here are a few basic make up tips that may help you move up to the next level of make up expertise:

  • Don’t assume you need to have professional training. You can achieve good results on your own, if you practice and learn.
  • They call it foundation for a reason. It’s the foundation to your make up and you need to get it right. If not, you won’t be able to get the best results possible without calling in a professional make up artist. The rest of your make up won’t look right if the foundation is wrong. So make sure you take your time over this essential phase of preparing your make up. Don’t hurry, or you’ll end up back at the drawing board and starting afresh. Your choice of foundation should match your skin color as well as possible. Remember, you’re preparing a base for the rest of your make up, not altering your skin color. You should take extra care around the jaw line. Even with a perfect color match you can end up with a line around the jaw, if you’re not careful. This will leave you looking like you’re wearing a mask. To avoid this, you must take care to blend the foundation well. And make sure you do it in good light so that you can see the true result.
  • For an extra glow effect, just apply a shimmer moisturizer before your foundation.
  • Some people have dark circles under their eyes. If this applies to you, you must cover those circles before applying your foundation. Take a good look at the color of the shadows, and then match these with a similar concealer color. You should take care when applying concealer that it’s not too thick.  It should be just enough to conceal the dark colors.
  • After applying the foundation, it needs to be set with a light dusting cream powder. Take care you don’t use too much. You don’t want the powder lying on top of the skin.
  • To complete your facial skin makeup, apply a blush. This will assist in defining your cheeks, and give your skin a nice healthy glow. Again, make sure you don’t go overboard – you’re not dressing up like a clown. It’s definitely a case of subtlety is best with much of your make up, and that includes the application of a blush.


Few of us have the talent to be professional make up artists. With a little patience and practice though, we can still get good results. The basic make up tips in this article will set you well on the way.


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