Basic Essential Oils Toolkit For Beginners

If you’re just starting out learning about, and experimenting with, essential oils then the good news is that you don’t need any sort of formal qualifications. As long as you take care and follow instructions you can start to enjoy the benefits of these wonderful natural oils straight away. One thing that you will need though is some tools to go along with your oils. So here’s what I recommend you acquire as a basic essential oils toolkit for beginners…

A basic essential oils toolkit

A Basic Essential Oils Toolkit

Dark Glass Bottles

First, you’ll need some glass containers to store your blends of essential oils. I recommend you only use dark-colored glass containers. These are better at protecting your oils from the effects of light and so help them to last longer. Blue, green or brown bottles are just fine. You can find a range of bottles on Amazon, including this great value 36 pack of 4 ounce amber glass bottles, which comes with two free glass droppers.


You’ll want to buy several droppers. You could get away with just one, but it’s better to have more so you’ve always got one available when you need it. Precision droppers are best so that you can measure out your oils as accurately as possible and avoid any wastage.

Mixing Rods

You’ll need some tools to actually mix your oils together. For this, it’s best to avoid metallic or plastic mixing tools and stick to glass rods. Amazon have a range of cheap packs of glass stirring rods, including these here at Amazon.

Mixing Bowls

Of course, you’ll also need some bowls to mix your oils in. I recommend you dedicate bowls specifically to this purpose and avoiding using your mixing bowls for anything else. Again, glass bowls are best for this.

Carrier Oils

You will want to have a ready supply of carrier oils to hand to use when mixing and applying your oils. At least have your favorite and most-used carrier oil always there ready to be used.

Bottle Labels

When you’re creating your essential oil blends, it’s important that you clearly label the contents of the bottles in which you store them to avoid any confusion and possible misuse. You can find attractive waterproof stickers that are great for organizing your essential oil bottles here at Amazon.


Using a funnel makes it much easier to pour your oil blends into your storage bottles without spilling any. As before, I recommend you purchase a glass funnel.

Spray Bottles

It’s always handy to have a few glass spray bottles around. Then you can quickly and easily add one of your blends and spray your rooms for a clean, fresh and healthy aroma.

Essential Oil Diffusers

Diffusion is a great way of enjoying the benefits of essential oils. You just add your oils to the water you put in the diffuser. This is then heated by the diffuser and the resultant steam carries tiny droplets of your oils into the air where everyone can inhale them.

Having multiple diffusers lets you enjoy your essential oils in multiple rooms at the same time.

This Vic Tsing ultrasonic diffuser at Amazon is my personal favorite, but there many more to choose from.

Essential Oils Storage

You’ll need somewhere cool and dark to store your essential oils. Of course, you can always use a shelf in one of your existing cupboards. The problem is that your storage bottles will be small and it’s easy to knock them over, so it’s best to use a dedicated essential oil storage box. There are many available to buy online these days.

However you choose to store your oils, it’s important to make sure they’re well out of the reach of children and pets.

You may also want an essential oils carry case so that you can easily transport your blends around with you.

You can read more about how to store essential oils here.

I personally recommend this essential oils storage box from Amazon due to it’s high quality, the fact that the special hinges keep the lid upright when open preventing any nasty accidents, and also because it just looks great.


A notebook is useful for writing down the blends you come up with that you like the best, and which are favorites of your family and friends. You can take your notebook with you when you travel so you can record any ideas you have. Or you can also use it to note down ideas or recipes you discover on the internet.

An Essential Oils Reference Book

A good essential oils reference book is incredibly useful. It will list all the essential oils and their properties, along with details of which other oils each oil blends well with.

Other Equipment

There are various other things that will come in useful too as you start to learn about essential oils.

For example, blank creams and lotions are great for adding oils to in order to make your own creams and moisturizers. And Sea Salt or Epsom salt are great for making your own essential oil bath salts, while nasal inhalers are great for inhaling your oils.

Finally, a ready collection of paper towels is always handy for mopping up spills.


The above items are all you need to add to your essential oils toolkit to be able to start enjoying the many health and wellness benefits that essential oils have to offer. So what are you waiting for – get started now! And if you think I’ve missed out anything important, please do let me know in the comments section below.


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