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What Causes White Fingers In The Cold?

Woman with Raynaud's Syndrome which causes white fingers in the cold
Do you suffer from numb, white fingers in the cold? Find out what causes this symptom and what you can do about it.

7 tips on how to stay awake at work without coffee

7 tips on how to stay awake at work without caffeine
Many people struggle to make it through the day without coffee. But don't be dependent on caffeine - try these tips on how to stay awake at work instead.

Why You Should Ditch Energy Drinks and Take a Natural Approach to Boosting Your Metabolism

Why you should ditch energy drinks and take a natural approach to boosting your metabolism
Energy drinks are an essential part of life for millions of people but there are many better natural alternatives.

Some Tips On Coping With Menopause

Some tips for coping with menopause
Many women dread and resent going through menopause, but much can be done to make the process easier. Here are some tips on coping with menopause.

5 Easy Ways to Get More Exercise

5 easy ways to get more exercise for busy people
It can often seem impossible to add exercise to your list of things to do in this hectic world. Here are 5 easy ways to get more exercise.

30 natural muscle relaxers

A list of 30 natural muscle relaxers and how to use them
You don't need to take prescription medication to relax your muscles. In fact, natural muscle relaxers are much better for you (they're not addictive, for a start) and work better. Indeed, prescription muscle relaxers don't actually fix the problem at all, they simply block the pain. Let's now take a look at what natural muscle relaxers are...

The Importance Of Sleep For Your Health

The Importance Of Sleep For Your Health
Learn about the importance of sleep for your health. It's not just the amount of sleep that matters, it's the type of sleep too.

Home Remedies for Molluscum Contagiosum

Home Remedies For Molluscum Contagiosum
This article looks at some home remedies for molluscum contagiosum. What Is Molluscum Contagiosum? Molluscum contagiosum is a common and contagious skin condition. It's caused by a virus and can be spread from person to person by sharing clothes or towels or through direct skin-to-skin contact. Although it's most often seen in children, anyone of any age...

How To Cut Weight Fast

How to cut weight fast - 5 last minute strategies for getting slim.
Do you have a special event coming up like a wedding or class reunion? Or maybe you are about to go on a date you've been anticipating for a long time. Whatever your reason for wanting to appear slimmer, there are tricks to help you temporarily drop a few pounds, or at least look...

16 Health Benefits Of Sex

16 Health Benefits Of Sex
You already know that sex feels good, but did you know that there are lots of hidden benefits associated with a great sex life? These 16 health benefits of sex might surprise you.

The Nutritional Benefits Of Prunes

The Nutritional Benefits Of Prunes
Prunes, or dried plums, are one of nature's amazing nutritional gifts. Few foods provide such rich and varied nutritional advantages as those that come packaged in the humble prune. Commonly known as the "constipation fruit" by many, this fruit has received bad publicity, making it a commonly avoided food. However, prunes actually have a...

Natural Treatment For Constipation

Natural Treatment For Constipation
It's a problem you don't want to discuss even with your best friend, husband, or doctor but it affects most people at some point in their lives. For whatever reason, some people seem to be more prone to constipation than others although lifestyle and dietary habits appear to play an important role. While there...

Five Great Sources of Vitamin B12

Sources Of Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 is one of the most important vitamins in the human diet. It helps to establish healthy brain function, is critical for maintaining energy levels and is relied upon heavily for metabolic processes. However, despite its importance, B12 is also one of the most difficult vitamins to obtain in sufficient quantities from food. This is...

What’s the Difference Between a Wheat Allergy and a Gluten Allergy?

The Difference Between A Wheat Allergy And A Gluten Allergy
Do you know the difference between a wheat allergy and a gluten allergy? If you don't, you're not alone. These two conditions are frequently confused with each other. Their symptoms often overlap, and the same foods can trigger both conditions. However, wheat allergies and gluten intolerance are not the same. The two have different causes, and people...

Australia’s Natural Remedy: Eucalyptus Oil

Australian Eucalyptus Oil
When Australians suffer from respiratory ailments they often turn to the natural oil that they know will help clear the symptoms. Australian eucalyptus oil distilled from the leaves of the tall, gray-white "gum" trees native to that country has been used as a remedy for these complaints since the arrival of the First Fleet in...

Do You Have A Carrageenan Allergy?

Carrageenan Allergy Symptoms
Having an allergy or an intolerance to a common food item is always inconvenient. However, it's even harder to avoid an allergen when it's a food additive instead of a basic ingredient such as nuts or milk. Carrageenan is a type of food additive that's found in a wide range of products. And even...

Some Natural Remedies For Indigestion And Heartburn

Natural remedies for indigestion, heartburn and acid reflux
You know the feeling... About an hour after a large, tasty meal, your stomach starts burbling menacingly and your esophagus begins to burn. As you reach for the Tums, you think to yourself, "There has to be a way to avoid this!" And thankfully there is. There are some natural remedies for indigestion and heartburn that can help...

The Therapeutic Massage Tree

The Therapeutic Massage Tree
When it comes to massage therapy, there is a vast diversity in the techniques used and its application. However, all forms of therapeutic massage are a result of the same idea. The aim, for massage therapy in general, and for each massage type in particular, is to restore balance between the mind, body, and spirit. As a result, this then...