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The best green tea brands

The Best Green Tea Brand
Green tea has become an incredibly popular drink as its health benefits are now well known. Having said that, not all green teas are equal: some of the cheaper and/or lesser known green tea brands offer little of these supposed health benefits. With that in mind, I'm going to take a brief look at the best...

hCG Diet Plan

The HCG Diet Plan
In this article I'm going to take a look at the hCG diet plan - what it is and how it works so effectively to help you to lose weight. We all like to eat tasty foods and snacks, but we hardly ever stop to think what all this junk food does to our body,...

Bruxism – The Cause Of Your Migraines?

Is Bruxism The Cause Of Your Migraine
Grinding your teeth might be the cause of your headache or migraine, and you may be completely unaware of it. There are several studies out today investigating the causes of headaches and migraines, searching for new ways to prevent them. Unfortunately, there are a multitude of causes, which makes it pretty difficult to pinpoint a...

The Best Way To Stop Eating Junk Food – Don’t Buy It!

The Best Way To Stop Eating Junk Food
It's a consequence of the hectic pace of modern life that it's all too easy to find ourselves eating way too much junk food. Not only does this make it more likely that us women are fighting a losing battle against the bulge but it's also not very healthy for us and likely leaves us...