Coconut Oil For Warts

From beauty products to treating sunburn to household cleaning, Coconut oil has many uses. One of those uses is as a natural way of removing warts. This is fortuitous because warts aren’t an easy thing to treat with standard medications due to the stubbornness of the HPV virus that causes them. So let’s take a look at the best way to use coconut oil for warts…

Natural Wart Removal With Coconut Oil


Before applying any coconut oil to a wart, you should first prepare the affected area. This is often simply a case of making sure the wart is clean and dry.

If the wart is covered with dead skin, as can be the case with plantar warts on your feet, then gently rub it away using a pumice stone. Take care not to remove too much skin and accidentally expose the living skin when doing this.

A good tip is to soak the affected area in warm salt water before trying to remove the dead skin. This will soften it up and make it much easier to get rid of.


Once the affected area is clean and dry, you’re ready to begin treatment. All that’s needed here is to massage the coconut oil into the wart. Make sure you massage it well to ensure the oil penetrates as deeply as possible.

The fatty acids in the coconut oil will dissolve the warts connection to your skin, ultimately leading to the wart falling off.

The deeper you can get the coconut oil to penetrate the wart when massaging it in, the quicker it will act and the sooner the wart will be removed.

A guide to using coconut oil for warts

Another good tip is use hot coconut oil for this. Obviously the oil shouldn’t be so hot that it’s painful but the hotter it is, the better it will penetrate deep into the wart.

Apply the coconut oil to your wart several times a day, even up to ten times a day for thick and stubborn warts, and it should soon drop off.


Using coconut oil for warts is a very effective natural way of getting rid of them. Another natural treatment for warts is to use essential oils.


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