Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are little insects that live in the warm areas in or around your bed. They live solely on blood, and the most well-known, the common bed bug or Cimex lectularius, prefers human blood.

Bed bugs are often thought to be nocturnal, but this isn’t strictly true although they are mainly active during the night time.

That’s when you’re asleep, of course, so they feed on your blood without you even knowing it!

And they can cause some health problems such as rashes, itching and allergies.

Not to mention the psychological effect of knowing these little bloodsuckers are lurking in your home!

So it’s important you get rid of them if your house gets infested. And on the internet you can find many suggested ways of killing bed bugs, one of which is to use bleach.

But is it really true: does bleach kill bed bugs? Let’s take a look…

Does bleach kill bed bugs, eggs and larvae?

Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs And Their Eggs?

The short and cheerful answer is that yes, bleach does kill bed bugs. It’s also true that bleach kills bed bug eggs and larvae. This is the case with many other harsh chemicals too.

But that’s the problem: bleach is a harsh chemical. So while bleach will kill bed bugs, it also ruins colors. And it smells too. So you probably don’t want to be pouring it all over your bedclothes, your mattress and the rest of your house!

Having said that, you can of course get color-safe bleaches such as Clorox these days. And the good news is that these bleaches will still kill bed bugs too.

So you can consider using one of these bleaches in your laundry to get rid of bed bugs. And you can definitely use bleach to clean any surfaces that have been infected and won’t be damaged by the bleach.

Once you’ve washed your laundry using bleach, it’s important that you keep the disinfected laundry bagged and away from the infected area until you’re sure that all the bed bugs have been completely destroyed.


The bottom line is that while bleach does kill bed bugs there are better options for getting rid of these horrible little parasites.

Not least, of course, hiring professionals to do the job properly. That can get expensive though, so you may want to try one of the bed bug sprays, such as EcoRaider, that are on the market. You can also get special bed bug vacuum cleaners and steamers nowadays too.



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