Does Mist Twist Have Caffeine?

Mist Twist is a lemon-lime soda drink made by PepsiCo, that was originally known as Sierra Mist when it was first brought to market in 1999.

It’s been available nationwide in the U.S. since 2003 and has proved to be one of the most popular sodas.

But does Mist Twist have caffeine in it and why should you care if it has?

The Problem With Caffeine In Drinks

Caffeine unfortunately has some not very nice side effects. For example, it can cause insomnia, nausea, stomach problems, high blood pressure and an increased heart rate, as well as feelings of general restlessness and anxiety.

And many drinks do contain a surprising amount of it, for example Mountain Dew, Coca Cola and Pepsi all contain more than 20 mg per 12 oz. This is something you should be aware of given the side effects we’ve just discussed.

Of course many people are now a lot more health conscious than they used to be and take more care about what they both eat and drink. Still it can be hard to find beverages that don’t contain caffeine. And so health-conscious people are always on the lookout for sodas and other drinks that are as healthy as possible.

So is Mist Twist one such drink or does it have caffeine in it?

Does Mist Twist have caffeine?

Does Mist Twist Have Caffeine?

The quick and easy answer is that no, Mist Twist doesn’t have caffeine in it.

PepsiCo has changed the ingredients several times in its history, but when it comes to caffeine Mist Twist has never contained any, even in the days when it was known as Sierra Mist.

That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a healthy drink, of course.

Indeed, Mist Twist does contain a fair amount of calories (12 oz of it has about 130 calories in it) and sugar.

For a few years, it was made using sucrose (that is, normal table sugar), rather than the high-fructose corn syrup that it originally contained. However, when PepsiCo changed the name of Sierra Mist to Mist Twist, the high-fructose corn syrup was added back to the recipe.

So you may want to think twice before making it a regular choice of drink. And of course, all sugary soft drinks should only ever be consumed in moderation.


  1. Anyone who is having the nuclear stress test with Lexicon will waste thier time getting the test if they ingest caffiene in any amount is why i questioned the content of the mist twist caffiene blocks Lexicon from going to the arteries and blood vessels around the heart it was my exsperience a week ago because the bottle says caffiene free doesnt mean it is.Im glad i ask so i know its ok to drink this mist before having the test redone tommorow so the test will tell if theres caffiene in any amount in it.Why do the soda co. Say thier product is caffiene free and it isnt it can cause serious problems with some of the new test that are being used in the hospitals.

  2. Any beverage that claims to be caffeine free should be. If by chance not then you could sue the manufacturer for falsely advertising ingredients. Also if it was to have an adverse effect on your body it would open them to possible multi class lawsuits.


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