Epsom Salt For Acne

Epsom salt is heralded for its amazing benefits in treating all kinds of different health complaints and for generally supporting good health. In this article we will look at one of its most useful properties: its ability to combat acne and generally improve the appearance of the skin. But before we look at the use of Epsom salt for acne, first we’ll have a brief look at what Epsom salt actually is…

What is Epsom Salt?

Epsom salt is a type of salt that heralds from – you guessed it – Epsom, England (which is in Surrey). The salt is produced from springs that bubble up and come into contact with the non-porous London clay; these springs have been popular since 1618 because of their healing powers.

Epsom Salt Benefits

Epsom salt is one of those ‘natural remedies’ that seems to help treat just about every ailment under the sun, a little like coconut oil. Among other benefits it is said to:

  • Relax muscles.
  • Aid detoxification.
  • Improve bone strength.
  • Help sleep.
  • Reduce the risk of diabetes.
  • Alleviate joint pain.
  • Prevent high blood pressure.
  • Treat acne.

It works its magic in several ways. For one, it’s very high in magnesium. This is one of the most crucial nutrients in the body and is important for the action of over 325 different enzymes which combat inflammation and enhance nerve function. Magnesium also aids the absorption of calcium making it great for the bones and even encourages healthy brain function and hormone balance.

Sulfate meanwhile aids the absorption of all nutrients and is a natural disinfectant.

The grainy texture of Epsom salt makes it great for exfoliation, especially as both sulfate and magnesium are readily absorbed through the skin.

How Does Epsom Salt Help Acne?

Epsom salt can help acne in a number of ways. For starters, when used as a facial scrub it can help to open up the pores and clear away dead skin cells. This prevents the pores getting blocked and helps to remove excess oil.

As the fourth most prevalent nutrient found in the skin, magnesium is a very important component in the skin cells. Topical application can help to give your skin a healthy glow and will contribute to good hydration.

Sulfate meanwhile will help to kill bacteria and clean the skin, which in turn prevents angry looking spots and boils as well as preventing infections and blackheads.

Epsom salt is also supposed to be anti-inflammatory, though there is no definitive scientific proof that this is true.
Epsom Salt For Acne Treatment

How to Use Epsom Salt for Acne

There are several ways that Epsom salt can be used for its curative properties. For acne treatment, there are three particularly good methods:

Epsom Salt Bath

Take two cups of Epsom salt and add to a warm bath, then relax and soak yourself in the bath for 12 minutes. You should do this two or three times a week. As well as being good for acne, especially acne in hard to reach places such as back acne, you should also find that this is very relaxing and stress relieving – which itself can help to reduce acne. Add a little baby oil to benefit from moisturization as well.

Epsom Salt Face Cleanser

You can enjoy the benefits of Epsom salt by simply taking your usual face cleanser and adding a pinch of Epsom salt. This will help to better exfoliate the skin as well as delivering those all-important nutrients.

Epsom Salt Body Scrub

Another great way to clean and exfoliate your skin using Epsom salt is to simply use it like a body scrub. After a bath or shower, while you’re still wet, gently massage your skin with a handful of Epsom salt crystals. Once done, rinse your body and then apply your usual body cream moisturizer. This will leave your skin feeling super clean and fresh.

Epsom Salt And Water

An easy way to use Epsom salt for acne is to simply to mix a couple of teaspoons of it with a cup of water.

Then dip a cotton wool ball in the mixture and apply it to the area affected by acne. Leave the mixture on for a minute or two, then wash it off with warm water.

Follow this by washing with cold water and then use a towel to pat dry. Do this on a daily basis to help treat your acne.

Take care not to get any Epsom salt in your eyes when using this method of application.


Epsom salt has many useful healing properties, including its ability to help with acne treatment. There are several ways that you can use Epsom salt for acne. Take a nice Epsom salt bath, use it as a face cleanser, or exfoliate by using it as a body scrub.


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