Five great sources of vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is one of the most important vitamins in the human diet. ItĀ helps to establish healthy brain function, is critical for maintaining energy levels and is relied upon heavily for metabolic processes.

However, despite its importance, B12 is also one of the most difficult vitamins to obtain in sufficient quantities from food. This is largely because plants and animals cannot produce the vitamin on their own, but instead rely on bacteria to produce it for them.

There are, however, many excellent sources of vitamin B12 available in any supermarket. Here are five of them:

Five sources Of vitamin B12

Greek yogurt

Because of the bacterial origin of B12, yogurt is an excellent source for this nutrient. The bacterial cultures that work to create yogurt also produce B12, making certain types of yogurt extremely dense sources of the vitamin.

A standard cup of Greek yogurt can contain 20 percent or more of the needed daily B12 intake for a healthy adult. This, combined with the many other proven health benefits of Greek yogurt, is an excellent reason for incorporating this tasty snack into your diet.


Like Greek yogurt, salmon is a food that is known to have many health benefits. Among these is an extremely high density of vitamin B12. While many foods, especially those that are plant-based, are low on vitamin B12, a single salmon fillet can contain more than 100 percent of the daily needed intake of this vitamin.

So if you want to get your B12 intake in for the day in a single sitting, consider sitting down to a well-grilled salmon fillet for dinner.


While not as famously healthy as the two aforementioned options, steak and other red meats do have high concentrations of B12.

Like a salmon fillet, a single standard-sized ribeye steak can contain as much as 100 percent of the daily recommended intake of B12. Keep in mind that red meat is also quite high in fat, so this should not be your exclusive source of B12.

Swiss cheese

Like yogurt, some cheeses are high in B12 content, and Swiss cheese is considered to have the highest average concentration of the vitamin.

A single slice of Swiss cheese can contain up to 15 percent of your daily B12 intake. Although this is too low to act as a primary source of B12, it does qualify Swiss cheee as an excellent supplemental source and a great snack for those looking to get their proper daily vitamin intake.


Though oysters may not be to everyone’s liking, there is no question whatsoever that they are among the densest sources of B12 commonly available.

A single serving of six oysters can contain over 200 percent of the daily required intake of vitamin B12 for a healthy adult.

For those who don’t care for raw oysters, it is also perfectly alright to grill or fry them, as neither of these cooking methods will significantly reduce the extremely high vitamin B12 concentration of these tasty molluscs.

Sources Of Vitamin B12


Whether you choose to get your vitamin B12 from cheese and yogurt or from steak, fish fillets and well-prepared oysters, it is important to be sure you are getting enough of this critical vitamin in your diet.

Using diverse sources for your B12 intake can also help you to better balance your diet, as most sources of B12 are also rich in other essential nutrients. Keeping your diet diverse will not only allow you to lead a healthier lifestyle, but will also keep your meals nutritious, interesting and delicious.

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