16 Health Benefits Of Sex

You already know that sex feels good, but did you know that there are lots of hidden benefits associated with a great sex life? These 16 health benefits of sex might surprise you.

16 Health Benefits Of Sex

16 Health Benefits Of Sex

1. Sex is a natural pain reliever

Instead of popping two pain pills, pop into bed with the person you love. Sex releases endorphins, which can have the same effect on your body as morphine. A headache is no longer an excuse for skipping sex.

2. Sex decreases stress

Are you stressed out at work, or are your children driving you insane? Sex could be the answer. Sexual activity helps you release stress and lowers blood pressure over time. The result is a less stressed you.

3. Sex boosts your immunity

While it’s not exactly the cure for the common cold, sex does increase your body’s levels of immunoglobulin A. That’s an antibody that helps you fight colds and infections. So keep guzzling that vitamin C, but consider adding sex to your cold busting routine.

4. Sex is cardio

That’s right. Sex is great for your heart. It gets your blood pumping and even burns calories. Just call it sexercise.

5. Sex lowers cancer rates

Men get a special benefit from sex. Regular ejaculation lowers the risk of prostate cancer. It’s true for sexual intercourse as well as masturbation.

6. Sex helps with bladder control in women

The more sex women have, the less likely they are to wet their pants when they laugh or sneeze. Orgasms work the muscles around your vagina, giving you better control over your bladder and what comes out of it.

7. Sex makes periods easier

Another way women benefit from an active sex life is that their periods are typically shorter and lighter. Periods also tend to be more regular when you are sexually active.

8. Sex can help you get pregnant

Okay, sex is pretty much a requirement for pregnancy. However, you increase your odds of getting pregnant by having sex more often. When men ejaculate daily, their sperm stays fresh and strong.

9. Sex makes pregnancy easier

Once you get pregnant, keep up the intercourse. If you are sexually active during pregnancy, you are doing great things for your baby. A consistent sex life lowers the risk of a dangerous condition called pre-eclampsia.

10. Sex can make you smarter

One study done on rats showed that sexually active rodents had more memory keeping neuron power in their brains than rats who abstained.

Another study in Amsterdam suggested that people think more logically after sex.

11. Sex makes your skin glow

There’s a reason people say you’re glowing when you’re in love. Regular sex sends your collagen levels skyrocketing, and that leads to tighter and younger looking skin. It also increases your circulation, giving your skin a brighter appearance.

12. Sex helps control acne

Sexual activity is great for keeping your hormones in balance. That keeps the oil in your skin from getting out of control.

13. Sex gives you great hair and nails

Hormones released during sex can help your body absorb nutrients, leading to stronger nails and shinier hair.

14. Sex gives your confidence a lift

Great sex just gives you a better outlook on life. When you have a healthy sex life, you feel better about yourself in general.

15. Sex keeps you close to your partner

A chemical called oxytocin is released in your brain when you have sex. This naturally bonds you to your partner, making you feel more in love.

16. Sex leads to more sex

The best benefit of sex is that sexual activity makes you want more sex. More sex means more benefits, and the cycle continues.

These 16 sweet health benefits of sex should encourage you to jump into bed and enjoy some time getting up close and personal with someone that you love.



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