How To Cut Weight Fast

Do you have a special event coming up like a wedding or class reunion? Or maybe you are about to go on a date you’ve been anticipating for a long time. Whatever your reason for wanting to appear slimmer, there are tricks to help you temporarily drop a few pounds, or at least look like you did. The weight loss won’t last, but it will get you through that one important evening. Here are five great pieces of advice on how to cut weight fast and appear instantly thinner…

How to cut weight fast - 5 last minute strategies for getting slim.

How To Cut Weight Fast

Guzzle Coffee

There are plenty of opinions out there about how caffeine is not healthy, but that pep producing substance does have a few things going for it. There’s a reason that caffeine is a common ingredient in diet pills and other weight loss supplements. It’s because caffeine gets your heart pumping faster and in turn raises your metabolism and allows you to burn calories more effectively.

But can you use coffee to lose weight at the last minute? The answer to that is another yes, but for a different reason. Caffeine can make the muscles of your large intestine contract, and the coffee itself produces bile which is released into your intestines. The result is that coffee makes you poop.

Unexpressed poop can cause your stomach to pooch out, causing an effect that is less than slimming. So ahead and drink that coffee. You’ll feel better, and you’ll look better too.

Skip the Salt

Salt makes you bloated. That’s because salt causes your body to want to hold onto water, especially around your midsection. Eating foods like chips and pretzels can make you look a lot heavier than you actually are.

It’s smart to cut out salt as much as possible for several days before you attempt to squeeze yourself into that tight dress.

Take Water Pills

Diuretics, or water pills, are not capsules filled with water. They’re called water pills because they encourage your kidneys to give up more water through your pee. This means that your body will retain less water, and you will lose that excess weight.

It’s important to remember that losing water weight is not the same as losing fat. Weight lost through water pills will return as soon as you replace the water in your body.

Diuretics can also be dangerous, especially when taken over long periods of time. They can cause the electrolytes in your body to become unbalanced, and this can harm major organs. If you choose water pills, use them carefully.

Jump Into an Hour of Cardio

The morning before your big event, complete an hour of cardio. Start with a warm-up and then alternate between bursts of high and moderate intensity.

Cardio gets your heart pumping and tightens your muscles. You’ll also sweat out some water weight.

Stand Up Straight

Your mother was right. Good posture matters. Not only is standing up straight good for you in the long term, it also instantly makes you appear slimmer.

Stand with your tummy tucked in and your shoulders back, balancing your weight equally between both feet.


Go ahead and get that sexy dress out of your closet. This great advice on how to cut weight fast will help you look amazing and feel confident for that big event.


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