Appropriate and stylish plus size fashion tips

Every year, well-known designers show their new collections on rake-thin models on fashion runways in Paris and Milan. If you were to believe everything you see in magazines, you’d assume that all women wear a size 4 or less. Plus size women like to look their best too, and like women who wear smaller sizes, they need inspiration and guidelines for how to look their fashionable best. If you fall into this category, here are some tips for appropriate and stylish plus size fashion.

Some plus size fashion tips for women

Fashion tips for plus size ladies

The importance of undergarments

Every structure has a foundation to support it, and your body should too. Slimming pantyhose can hide rolls; if you need more slimming, perhaps you should look at a stretch corset. A properly fitted bra will not only hide bulges, but it will also make the most of your best curvy features. If you cannot find a comfortable bra, consider having one made for you.

A good fit flatters any figure

One of the first things to pay attention to when selecting a garment is that it fits properly. Kaftan-like dresses may be comfortable to wear around the house, but they might also make you look like a ship in full sail.

On the other hand, squeezing your body into an outfit that is a size too small isn’t an attractive idea either, as every roll on your body will be accentuated. Avoid Spandex clothing that is unforgiving and tells no lies.

Your outfit should neither hang on you nor look like a straitjacket. It should hug your curves in a comfortable way.

The right skirt length

The length of a dress or skirt is also important for your body type. If the hemline is too long, an outfit quickly turns into a tent. Depending upon your age and the size of your legs, the perfect hemline reaches the knees or just below.

Colors and patterns for plus size women

Why do you think the little black dress is so popular? Black is popular because it’s a forgiving color that is slimming and hides any number of body flaws. Equally suitable are charcoal, navy blue, dark green, and brown.

Colors to avoid are white, cream, and anything pastel, all of which will make any figure appear larger. Also avoid horizontal stripes, ruffles, bows, and pleats. When choosing stylish plus size fashion, keep it simple.

Choose stylish accessories

Accessories not only finish off an outfit, but if worn properly, they also can make you look taller and slimmer. Try wearing a dress or top with a long necklace, and then without it; you’ll notice the difference immediately. Not only will the necklace make your neck look longer, but it also will divert attention from your belly or hips. If you choose well, any type of jewelry can enhance your outfit and minimize attention to your size.

The right shoes can also do wonders for your whole body line. A few inches of heel can make your legs look thinner, and you’ll appear more elegant and polished.

Take on board these plus size fashion tips and you can look just a lovely as your slimmer friends. All it takes is an honest eye when looking in a mirror, and maybe a friend whose opinion you trust.



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