Some Quick Tips For Nails

Here are a few of my top quick tips for healthy nails. Follow these and you’ll have great looking nails.

Protect Your Cuticles

Cuticles act as a barrier to bacteria and fungus so you’re playing with fire if you start messing around with them. So don’t cut them – if you do, they’re likely to end up red and sore and you’ll increase the chances of getting an infection.

If your nails are prone to breaking, you can apply moisturizer to the base and to the cuticles to soften them.

Use A Nourishing Base Coat

If you find wearing nail polish is leaving your nails brittle and fragile, try applying a nourishing base coat before applying your normal polish. Nourishing base coats contain vitamins and minerals to keep your nails healthy.

In addition, the base coat helps stop the top coat from chipping, and also prevents the top coat from discoloring your nails.

Quick Tips For Nails

Avoid Using Nail Hardeners

Healthy nails are meant to be flexible. Nail hardeners make them brittle and more likely to break. So unless your nails are extremely weak, nail hardeners won’t be of any benefit.

Don’t Use Rough Emery Boards

The old-fashioned rough emery boards are too rough and can cause tears and nail breakages.

Use a soft, smooth board and file smoothly and evenly in one direction – don’t saw backwards and forwards.

Don’t Use Acetone Polish Removers

This is especially important if you have fragile and brittle nails. The acetone makes the nails even more brittle.

Protect Your Nails When Gardening Or Doing Housework

Always wear gloves when you are gardening, or handling detergents and cleaning materials that contain chemicals.



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