How to use essential oils for weight loss

Trying to lose weight can be a difficult journey. Exercise and diet are needed, but certain essential oils can help greatly when it comes to getting over that stubborn hump to your ideal weight. Some oils assist directly by helping your body dissolve fat and freeing your body from toxins. However, using essential oils for weight loss can help in other ways as well.

They can help suppress cravings for food and increase your metabolism as well as reduce water retention within your body.

In fact, more than one essential oil that can be used for weight loss can also even help with emotional stress.

So which oils are good for weight loss?

Let’s take a look at some of the more beneficial ones and discuss them in more detail.

The best essential oils for weight loss

Grapefruit Essential Oils For Weight Loss


Grapefruit oil is one of the best essential oils to help you lose weight.

It breaks down the fatty acids stored in your body and releases them as energy and helps prevent water retention and bloating as well as the appearance of cellulite.

It also suppresses your appetite and cleanses the body of toxins that create undesirable weight.

Best ways to use grapefruit oil

  • Make a refreshing drink by adding a few drops of grapefruit oil to a glass of water. Drinking this mixture in the morning before breakfast will help your body burn fat throughout the day and flush out any toxins.
  • Add four to five drops of grapefruit oil to a warm bath. Adding other citrus drops can give you added benefits and make your skin smell amazing after soaking for 30 minutes. Make sure the oil is not added to running water to get the full effect.
  • Massage the oil directly on to an area of your body where you want to shed some pounds. Oils that are being applied to the skin directly can be combined with a carrier oil such as olive oil, which can also help curb your appetite. Grapefruit oil massages should last for at least 30 minutes, and the oil shouldn’t be removed for several hours.

Peppermint Essential Oil


Peppermint is another good essential oil for losing weight.

It’s a unique oil that promotes an overall sense of well being in your body as well as helping with weight loss.

It helps to regulate digestive health, which will free the body of unwanted toxins and increase your energy.

Peppermint is also a very effective oil to use when you need to control cravings or reduce your appetite.

Best ways to use peppermint oil

  • Add about ten drops of peppermint oil into a warm bath at the start of the day to give you a refreshing start and suppress any cravings you may have.
  • When drinking water or tea, add a few drops of peppermint oil into your glass. The minty taste is amazing and the peppermint will help reduce your appetite if it is consumed before a meal.
  • Scent is powerful. Diffuse a few drops of peppermint into the air before a meal or simply breathe in the vapors from the oil before a meal to help reduce your appetite.

Lemon Essential Oil


Lemon is another great oil to help you in your quest to lose weight, and it has many of the same benefits that you can find in grapefruit essential oil.

It’s used to reduce your appetite and flush toxins from your body.

This energy increasing oil is chock full of vitamins and minerals that will help balance your metabolism and ease any digestion worries.

Best ways to use lemon oil

  • Inhaling the lemon aroma from the oil or diffusing it into the air before a meal will help suppress your appetite.
  • Add a few drops into a glass of water, tea, or other beverage. Lemon often times enhances the flavor of the drink as well as help clean toxins from your system throughout the day if it is taken in the morning.
  • Lemon oil can also be used as a massage oil. You can even use a carrier oil such as olive or coconut oil to add additional benefits. Massage the oil in an area where fat and cellulite accumulate to help get rid of the toxins being stored in the fat cells.

Cinnamon Essential Oils Weight Loss


Cinnamon is one of the best essential oils for weight loss due to its enhancement of the other essential oils that it combines with.

It also is extremely effective in breaking down the sugar in your body and turning it into energy instead of storing it away.

In addition to suppressing your appetite and boosting your metabolism, cinnamon oil stimulates your circulation.

It is also known for improving digestion and other ailments such as irritable bowel syndrome.

Best Ways To Use cinnamon oil

  • To avoid overeating, add a few drops of the cinnamon oil to a cotton ball and inhale slowly before mealtime.
  • Combine a few drops of cinnamon oil to a glass of tea or water. Add a bit of honey for a delightful taste that is both refreshing and beneficial. Drink before a meal to reduce your appetite as well as before bed to eliminate those annoying midnight cravings.

Bergamot Weight Loss With Essential Oils


Bergamot is loaded with polyphenols, which helps your body burn and metabolize fats and sugars more effectively.

Mood lifting qualities can also be found in this oil.

Best ways to use bergamot oil

  • Dilute the oil in a warm bath to give you a relaxing start each morning and help reduce stress throughout the day.
  • Add the bergamot oil to a carrier oil and use it to massage areas that tend to carry a lot of stress. It works well to relieve tension in the neck and shoulders as well as strain on your feet.
  • When you are stressed out and feel the need to eat for comfort, inhale the scent of the Bergamot oil directly or by applying it to a wash cloth. A face wash with a few deep breaths is sure to relax you in no time.
  • Add a few drops and a teaspoon of honey to a warm glass of coconut milk to relax you at any time. This method works extremely well before bed.

Sandalwood Essential Oils To Lose Weight


Sandalwood essential oil is a great way to reduce stress and the eating that is associated with it.

It is a great oil to combine with others on this list to get a wider range of effects.

Best Ways To Use sandalwood oil

  • Add a few drops to some warm milk. It is the most relaxing when a bit of honey and coconut milk is the base of the drink.
  • Massage the oil directly into your stomach or your feet to relieve stress.
  • Diffuse the oils into the air and breathe in the vapors for a way to relax.

Essential Oil Weight Loss


  • Fat burning trio in pill form
    Combine two drops of peppermint essential oil, two drops of grapefruit essential oil, two drops of lemon essential oil, and ten drops of coconut oil in a capsule. Store the capsules in the fridge and have one with breakfast everyday to curb your appetite and speed up your metabolism.
  • Weight loss bath blend
    Add five drops of grapefruit, orange, lemon, ginger, and sandalwood oil to a warm drawn bath. Make sure the water is not running when you introduce the oils to the bath. Also add in 1 cup of apple cider vinegar and soak for 30 minutes.

The Best Essential Oils For Weight Loss


Losing weight can be hard on you, especially if you’re at a point where you want to lose a few more pounds, but nothing seems to be working.

However, using the best essential oils for weight loss can be a great help with your journey to the new you.

Some oils benefit your body directly, while others help keep you from entering a state of depression.

The essential oils listed above are a great start to supplementing your diet and exercise routine, but everyone’s bodies react differently. It’s important to try out the oils and use different combinations to discover the best way to assist you with your weight loss.

Discover for yourself and let me know in the Comments section below, which essential oils are good for weight loss when it comes to your own body.

Infographic describing how to use 5 different essential oils for weight loss


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