Some facts about UV light blood treatment

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Ultraviolet energy when introduced to the bloodstream helps in treating a broad range of diseases. Unfortunately, this treatment has largely been neglected as antibiotics have taken over. That said, the therapy, which can clean the blood and get rid of bacterial and viral contamination, has recently been growing in popularity again. This is largely due to the increase in infections that are resistant to antibiotics, along with the growth in popularity of natural health treatments.

UV light blood treatment, called Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation therapy or UBI for short, can treat a broad range of diseases. Let’s take a look at what the procedure involves and the benefits to be gained from it…

Benefits of ultraviolet light blood treatment

When UBI is administered to a patient, a lot of positive changes can be seen. These include:

  • Absorption of oxygen by the blood cells is improved.
  • Combating diseases becomes easier as immunity is boosted.
  • Blood vessels are dilated which helps in improved blood circulation.
  • The body’s ability to remove toxins is boosted.
  • The body fights against bacterial, fungal and viral growth more quickly.
  • Platelet aggregation is decreased as blood circulation is improved.

With all these benefits, it is easy to see that overall health can be maintained and improved with UBI, as UV light blood treatment helps in the elimination of wastes and toxins, and improves immunity and blood circulation. These factors are responsible for putting off aging and keeping diseases at bay.

Procedure and pain

For many people, the worry is how painful the treatment will be. Those worries can be alleviated when they get to know about the procedure.

The patient is made to relax and lies down, and the blood is extracted with a cannula from the veins. This is a minuscule amount, and the blood is exposed to controlled UV rays, in an accepted therapeutic UV band.

A hemo-irradiator is used in the process, and the blood is drawn through it before it is injected into the patient again.

The patient never gets to see anything apart from the syringe and a few ml of their blood. The pain involved is virtually nothing for most people, and some only feel a mild scratch.

Procedure time

This is a closed process, which means there is nothing that is left behind; the blood that is drawn out from the patient is injected back after it is treated with a UV device. The time taken for the entire process is a maximum of 45 minutes.

The factors that can affect the duration of the procedure are the speed of the blood flow and the amount of blood required for the treatment. Patients need to rest in the center for a few minutes after the treatment. They can go home the same day after relaxing for a while.

How safe is UBI?

Ultraviolet light blood treatment is a very safe process. Many studies have proven that no disease or side effects are caused by UBI.

To make it completely successful, patients need to take in lots of water to get rid of toxins. Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water between meals is required.

At least one bowel movement per day is recommended.

Patients must not take any antioxidants on the day of treatment and the next day.

Antibiotics cannot normally be taken throughout the course of therapy, and if required, should be taken only under the direct supervision of the doctor, as this can lead to photosensitizing.


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