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Our mission is to produce fresh and informative articles covering women’s health and beauty.

If you’ve got something to contribute then we’d love to hear from you. Make sure you follow these guidelines when writing an article for us:

Article guidelines

Any article you submit must be your own original work to which you own the rights. It must be well-researched, in-depth and based on facts. It must not have previously been published anywhere else (we do check). Links to sources should be included where appropriate.

There should be minimal self-promotion, though you are welcome to include a link to your own website as well as a 75 – 100 author bio at the end of your article.

Articles should be between 500 to 2,000 words long, with no fluff or filler content.

Our style is friendly but authoritative and we especially welcome how-to articles and guides.¬†We’re particularly interested in articles on alternative medicine and natural healing and remedies but will consider articles covering any area of women’s health, beauty and self-improvement.

Submission of an article does not guarantee that it will be published. If we do wish to use your article, we’ll reach out to you.

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What are you waiting for – get published now! Simply email us your article, preferably as a Google document. You can also submit plain text files, HTML documents or Word files too, if you prefer.