Safe solutions for 7 common beach body concerns

Beach body ready woman enjoying the sun

Summer certainly brings a mixed bag of emotions. While there is joy in welcoming the warm weather back and preparing for days at the beach, endless barbecues, and open toed shoes there is also a sense of dread. For with the summer season comes the expectation of donning swimwear and revealing stretch marks, acne, cellulite, and hair. Don’t worry, there are ways to combat the typical beach body concerns and more importantly, these solutions are safe.

Pale Skin

Your tan is sure to have faded since the chillier weather took over, so most people are in this boat and anyone who isn’t… has cheated. You can, too, and that doesn’t mean going to tanning beds. Visiting a sunbed is more dangerous than sunbathing! The safest way to top up your tan is by applying plenty of sunscreen and catching some light rays in the yard before you hit the beach. Sunscreen is the key to preventing the signs of aging, protecting against skin cancer, and of course, allowing you to enjoy the sun carefreely. 

Acne Scars

Many people have scarring across their chest and shoulders for the horrors of teen acne, and it can be a real dent to self-confidence. It doesn’t have to stop you from getting comfortable at the beach, though, because there are options available to you and it doesn’t have to come down to laser treatment. You can choose coconut oil, Shea butter, or create an acne battling mix that is sure to reduce some of that scarring. Vitamin E is also a helpful scar reducer. Remember, if you’re using essential oils in the mix you will also need a carrier oil.

Belly Fat

Who doesn’t have a problem with stubborn belly fat that doesn’t shift despite all your hard work in the gym? You don’t have to get a tummy tuck. Do continue your exercise regime (make sure you have a healthy balance of cardio and strength) and definitely adjust your diet to cut out processed foods and sugars. You want to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits as well as a healthy mix of whole grains and lean proteins. Green tea is a great fat fighter, so ditch the sugary beverages and embrace green tea, hot or iced. 


Even the thinnest among us will experience the sadness of cellulite. Know this, there is no easy solution. However, if you are committed to the cause you will see gains and there are a few different methods you can try out. You can try out dry brushing and do this daily (ideally twice a day), opt for coffee scrubs, increase your intakes of Omega 3 Fatty Acid intake and even up your kettle ball routine and if you don’t have one… it isn’t too late to get started. 

Stretch Marks

If you aren’t affected by cellulite you are more than likely a victim of the stretch mark. They appear after a growth spurt, or with the slightest gain of weight – they are unavoidable. When they are white they will be far more difficult to budge as they are old, but when they’re red you can definitely rid your body of those unwanted stripes. Coconut oil will be the right solution for them. 

Body Hair

Some people are just unlucky and have dark, coarse hairs in places they don’t want it. You’ve tried shaving, but you can still see it and the red bumps that accompany them as they try to grow back instantly. You can try waxing or even laser removal, but there are some natural solutions that you may want to try.

Combine two tablespoons of raw papaya paste (make your own by peeling a piece of the fruit and then grinding it) with half a teaspoon of turmeric and massage the affected area with it for around 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Repeat this twice a week. The reason this is an effective method of hair removal is that papayas contain papain, this doesn’t just break down hair follicles it can also prevent regrowth. It’s great for sensitive skin and effectively exfoliates, too. Turmeric has its own benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties and stifling hair growth.

Heat Rash

It’s an inevitability, isn’t it? No matter what you do it always seems to get you at some point. Whether it’s from sitting in an office chair too long, or your bikini rubbing against your skin for too long. It’s painful, it’s itchy, and it is seriously annoying. Relieve the discomfort with baking soda. Add a few tablespoons to a warm bath and take the plunge to get some much-needed relief.

Before supermarkets were stocked with thousands of manufactured products we turned to nature for our health solutions, and your common beach body concerns are absolutely no different. You don’t need to wander the aisles and spend a fortune on crazy products in the hopes it will make a difference. Just embrace what nature provides us and step on the sand brimming with confidence, and you can save money by bagging yourself a bargain on it with incredible discount codes and vouchers available from


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